“Their famine, our food” -by André Gorz

gorzdorineAndré Gorz, French philosopher & friend of Paul Sartre, wrote this is 1983 – yet it is the most relevant thing I have read yet concerning the global food system. I was sad to find that there is no version of this text anywhere on the internet, but happy that this meant I am able to share it with the world.

Gorz was a very thoughtful man. Others may know him & his partner as the inspiration behind the Palm D’Or winning film ‘Amour’. Or for his 75 page love letter to his dying wife (“Lettre a D”). With his wife facing terminal illness, they died together by lethal injection in 2007.

If you care about world hunger, or about eating healthier in equal measure, then this very short essay is all you need to read. This is “Their famine, our food”….

Gorz 92-3

Gorz 94-5

Gorz 96-7

Gorz 98-9

Gorz 100-1

Published in Gorz, A (1983), Paths to Paradise: on the liberation from work, Pluto Press, London


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